Sunday, January 1, 2012

A New Design for the East Gym: The Pacer Project

Pacers will be greeted with an exciting new look in the East Gym when they return to school in the new year!

After several months of planning and consultation, a bold and powerful graphic design and mural was selected to represent the history of the Pacer name, and the speed, strength, and character of our teams and of our community. Forest green figures prominently in the design's color scheme, along with silver and black accents in the updated logo and graphic wall treatment.

The origin of the Pacer name is tied to Ladner's Paterson Park, a once popular venue for harness racing dating back to the early 1900s. Later, the facility was used as a track for training and it wasn't uncommon to see Pacer horses exercising on the grounds well into the 1980s.

Local artist, Dean Lauze has completed similar projects at many schools throughout BC. Students, staff, and parents were consulted on the design at several stages during the process. The actual painting occurred during the two week school break and it's expected that all will be impressed with the result.

Delta Secondary has a long standing tradition of excellence in many areas, including athletics.  The new graphics will be a tremendous source of inspiration and pride for our school community.

Check out this video for the inspiration behind The Pacer Project and a sneak peek at the new look!

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  1. Looks good, Terry. I am sure the students will be excited with the new look!