Sunday, December 2, 2012

Connecting the Pacer Community

Connecting the Pacer Community

Social media is allowing our community to connect like never before and it just may bring us closer together.
  1. Wow! DSS has got talent! Amazing evening with some talented and funny grade 12s at Grad Talent Show '13.
  2. As a secondary school administrator, I've been involved in dealing with a fair share of social media issues (Facebook, Twitter) that have caused concern and consumed a considerable amount of time. The problems associated with social media are well documented. 

    However, recently we have started to engage the Pacer Community (students, parents, teachers, and the public) through social media and I'm encouraged by the potential of meeting our school community "where it's at." 

    Last week DSS held its annual Grad Talent Show and while we were all impressed with the talent of the performers and the enthusiasm of the audience, we were also impressed (and pleasantly surprised) by the community engagement and the outpouring of encouragement and support via social media before, during, and particularly after the show.
  3. music4dss
    Our Grads are awesome! Amazing DSS Grad Talent Show - You make us proud! #delearn #PacerPride
  4. dssgrad
    What a great night and awesome fundraiser! Retweet if you love your grad class <3 #grad2013
  5. terryainge
    @dssgrad congrats 2013, a really amazing evening ... incredible talent and tremendous support .. there's lots to be proud about tonight!
  6. jordynbruyns
    proud to be graduating with such a talented and great group of people #grad2013 #GTS
  7. cdempsey_
    Never been so happier then to be able to graduate with the people at the show! #GTS
  8. mackerikaenzie
    Congrats DSS grad but I would like to do a massive shoutout to @TrentRedman15 and harry thurber for their amazing performance #killedit
  9. JonPhillips19
    Wouldn't be surprised if @TrentRedman15 starts to trend on twitter
  10. TrentRedman15
    Thanks to everybody for the kind words, Glad you enjoyed the show. #GTS
  11. Social Media is allowing our community to connect like never before.  Students, teachers, parents and the greater community are supporting, celebrating, and collaborating in ways that were not possible in the past. According to one student, "It is really cool to see students and parents sharing positive comments, encouraging each other, and "liking" the images from the talent show posted on Facebook. The responses were great for morale. I think it brings us closer together."

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